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Sam&Dean that's my reason

what's yours?

This journal is mainly for Supernatural appreciation, but I do watch a lot of tv!

Just your typical run of the mill kinda girl / woman. I can be a bitch, and I don't take life to seriously! All in all, you will never really understand me, because I don't understand myself half of the time, and that makes for some really fun and not so fun times!

Smile, life is to short!

I'm bi-bro and although Sammy's my favourite, I have a love affair with Dean! I just CAN'T have the one without the other.
Jensen and Jared. What can I say about them that you're not already thinking about or said? I adore both of them and I do find them both attractive, I won't ever choose! *some will say Jared is closer to my ♥ *

I love reading and fanfic is my drug of choice! I love looking at pretty pictures and all the art that all these talented people create in our fandom.

I LOVE Supernatural! I'm also a spoiler phobe. I don't want to know a thing about an episode before it airs, if I stumble across something it's okay, but I don't want to be led into temptation. From time to time I 'block' certain communities and journals from my main view, it's nothing against those lj's it's just so that I don't get spoiled.

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