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Sammy: Show him some l♥ve

Sammy Appreciation Meme
Banner by secretlytodream

secretlytodream posted a meme at her journal: here

And because we need more SAM LOVE in our lives, go forth and do as she (me) asks

♥ Post pic/gif/video/fic/whatever that includes Sam.*
♥ tell why you love him so much (in this particular picture or just in general).
♥ appreciate and love with everyone else.
♥ spread the love and the appreciation all over the place (i.e. repost!)

* it can be your own work, or it can be someone else's. No stealing.

(I can't remember where I got this from, but probably from we♥it)

I sure wish I had a book full of kisses!

And now I just have to choose which pics to use for my header! HEE
Check out this post, adorable ART and Icons and banners! I love it!

Some days need more LOVE!

The SAM kind of love!


Sam. SAM. SammyCollapse )

Just felt like posting something for a change.


bottled love

Found @ lelove


Golden woven sunrays splash on our face

Thank you don't seem enough!

secretlytodream made my fantastic header and a whole batch of other awesome stuff! Check it out here

I can't thank her enough! All of her artwork is so fabulous that I couldn't choose which one to use first!

Thank you again! I'm so happy and delighted!


Push me to the floor

Push me to the floor
Don't give up until I'm begging you for more
I'll be thinking of the time
I felt inspired

Push me to the floor
Make me think that you're the one that I adore
Till the morning we will be as if
We're meant to be

I forgot to tell you

joans23 wrote some schmoop for me! She's so freaking good to me, that I'm still thinking of a way to repay her for her generosity!

It's just you and me on my island of hopeCollapse )

Thank you Joan! ♥

You can change things, only you!

This is a little something for my dear friend joans23

I’m adding a warning here, this is NC-17, full of J2 lovin’! Be warned!
And enjoy it!

Changing channels: the way I see itCollapse )